New beginnings…

Good Morning Fellow Connoisseurs/Connoisseurs in Training,

Happy Friday!

September marks the beginning and firsts for many:

1st day of school (for those of us who know 4 year olds), 1st day of a new school year (for the experienced kids), 1st day of a new school (for those who just moved or are starting a new school), 1st day of elementary/middle/high school, 1st day of university/college, 1st birthday (for my beautiful niece Brooklyn), 1st house (for some of my friends), beginning of a beautiful marriage/partnership (congrats Austin & Joel…see you in a couple of weeks), and the list can go on.

The beautiful thing about beginnings and firsts is it’s new and can be filled with excitement, a little or  a lot of nervousness, anticipation and a bit of uncertainty. (Notice that I categorized nervousness and uncertainty as being beautiful. This was not by accident but by choice. Believe it or not, WE-you & I choose the meanings of our words-we have this incredible power that allows us to determine what something means to us fancy that!)

Beginnings and firsts present us with the opportunity to explore the unknown, try something new and GROW and STRETCH as individuals. What an incredible gift.

I would like to CONGRATULATE ALL OF YOU who are experiencing a new beginning or a first in their lives. I hope this time will allow you to deepen your curiosity, explore the world around you including the fascinating people that we call our society, grow and stretch as a person and in your relationships and BE IN THE MOMENT.

This is YOUR moment. Happy 1st/beginning to all of you!


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