When Motto meets Intention…

I just returned home from a stroll to the new Indigo Books, Music, and Kids. One word–>SPECTACULAR!

Every detail was thought of, inspiration screaming from every wall, it’s art gallery meet urban loft with a big side of your own personal home library. The people who work there…Indigogurus as I like to refer to them are awesome. During my visit, I was pleasantly greeted and offered if he could be any of assistance to me (thanks Taylor!) and while holding a stack of books was offered a bag by another inconspicuous Indigoguru (thanks Jonathan!). I was then left to wander freely without any ‘typical retail salesperson’ following me.

Everything was so elegantly and creatively designed and placed. This was created with intention. This was the vision of a team who loves what they do. This beautiful space was a reflection of PURPOSE, PASSION, and POSSIBILITIES. Most of all, it was authentic to the Indigo motto of IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY, and INSPIRATION.

It raises an interesting question: WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE IF ALL OF US LIVED WITH INTENTION?

What happens when  Your Motto (3 words) is combined with intention?

Thank  You Indigo for a wonderful experience. I am certain that this was the first of many visits.

P.S. for anyone who decides to pay a visit to an Indigo, watch out for the kids zooming around on these open-air Little Tykes-like peddler cars. Wish they made them for us big kids!

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