The Value of ZERO

The other evening Drew and I were chatting.

The topic of conversation: bank accounts.

As we chatted, this interesting thought came up:

The difference factor for almost all people is a matter of a zero.

Add it, subtract it….it matters.

We look at zero and think nothing of it…THEN a thought like this comes and all of a sudden we realize that something that has no perceived value actually is valuable.

In our every day lives, we are given the opportunity to look at things how we have always seen them or challenge ourselves to think deeper, play bigger, and be an explorer.

It is when we give ourselves this opportunity that nothing becomes something;

something we once thought was insignificant is actually significant; and that zero is valuable.

When we play full out, every ounce of effort matters.

Add it and it becomes valuable. Subtract it, it diminishes.

In the bank account of life (experiences), consider adding another zero.

You may just find yourself a little more richer each day.

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving:)

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