Split-Second Moments and Leading With Lollipops

Less than 6 months ago at a Young Social Entrepreneurs of Canada  (www.ysec.org) event, Drew Dudley (not the same Drew I’ve spoken about previously) and I experienced one of those split-second life moments. We went from being strangers to becoming friends. Not knowing much about him, I entered a conversation he was having with one of his friends and suddenly imagination, innovation, and creative thinking took over. It was like an explosion of “imagine what the world would be like …” and the birth of the infamous NO Bull-shitters Allowed. What is amazing about this experience is it is evidence of life’s everyday miracles…connecting with another person. A split-second has the ability to transform random strangers into connected friends.

Today is about celebrating split-second moments. Today is about acknowledging all of those strangers who have become our friends. Today is about acknowledging that all it takes is for us to be open to the idea that we each have something valuable to offer/share/give to and receive from another. That’s incredible.

This clip is taken from TEDxToronto and Drew share’s one of his split-second moments and asks you to consider “what does being a leader mean to you?”

*To connect with drew and learn more about his incredible work, please visit http://www.nuanceleadership.ca

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