The Kindness of Strangers

Today is the PERFECT day to…..CELEBRATE!

Some people like to wait until Hallmark informs them of a day worth celebrating. Then there are others like me who enjoy celebrating the everyday.

Here’s what I am celebrating today:

-Two weeks ago, Drew and I were given tickets to A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Distillery District (Thanks Jay & Lucy). We parked our car and went to pay for the parking ticket. We had a ton of change on us so we inserted coin after coin. All of a sudden the machine jammed and wouldn’t accept any more coins. Slightly frustrated, we decided to press the cancel button and all of the change came rushing through. As I was about to insert my credit card, a lady’s voice from behind us asked, “have you bought your ticket yet?” We answered, “No, not yet.” She motioned us to come over and proceeded to hand us her parking ticket. “Here, take this. It’s good until tomorrow morning.”

-This past Thursday, I stopped at Uhaul to pick up some moving supplies. After I purchased what I needed, I went to my car and thought about something that I forgot to pick up. I went back into the store and the kind gentleman gave me what I needed for FREE. He said, “Here you go. Don’t worry about it. It’s my kind deed for the day.”

-Tuesday March 1st market the Evolution of My Playground part I…the release of the NEW website ( Thank you to all of you for the kind notes, your incredible support and great feedback.

-Saturday March 5th marked the Evolution of My Playground part II. Thanks to the awesomeness of Cesar Parades & Drew Lesiuczok, I was moved into my new home with a beautiful view of the city. Thank you gentlemen!

Here’s celebrating the inconveniences that life sometimes gives us and the generosity and kindness of strangers.

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