Celebrating Rock Stars: Matt Switzer

I am a lucky girl. Why? Because I am blessed, fortunate, privileged, whatever you want to call it, to know some INCREDIBLE  rock stars. Today I want to honor one in particular.

His name: Matt Switzer.

Occupation: Connoisseur of Life.

Matt and I met while we were both attending The University of Western Ontario. Our friendship grew over our love of good times, good eats, and passion for traveling. What I love about Matt is his constant search for experiences. He has literally traveled all around the world and been to places that most people dream of. He embraces the challenges, he savours the sights, he immerses himself in the culture, and he constantly adds to his bank account of experiences.

What Matt teaches all of us (me included) is the importance of pursuing what you love-not just saying it but doing whatever it takes to Make It Happen. He shows us what is possible and the amazingness that life has to offer.

Matt-THANK YOU for being such a rock star. You inspire me more than you know.

Check out one of his videos…it’s 30 seconds of breathtaking and inspiring…life. experience.

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