Rated E for Everyone

For many, life is comparable to watching a movie.

And for many, it typically goes something like this:

Awake at the beginning.

Asleep through the middle.

Awake at the end/towards the end.

When looking at our own lives, are we following the pattern above or are we actually awake and engaged through the whole thing? The reality boys and girls is this: every movie, every story, every life has a beginning and an end. Our choice is whether we sleep through life or enjoy the adventures of it by intentionally staying awake throughout the whole thing.

The sleeper lives a fraction, the awake one lives entirely.

Which will you choose?

2 thoughts on “Rated E for Everyone

  1. Great observation. I also try to live my life the way I watch movies:

    Awake at the beginning.
    Making out through most of the middle.
    I’ll probably totally miss the ending.

    I might have to rent it again to find out what happens.

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