Make Believe.

As a child, most of us are familiar with playing “make believe.” During this time, we envision being someone else and/or someplace else (perhaps in a new role, having a new name, being your favourite person, etc). In that very moment, we are completely in character and in that moment, we believe we are that person and we are in that place.

Life is often like a big game of make believe. It is when we believe it (*it is defined by you), we see it.

Today, I invite you to tap into your inner child and remember what it is like to use your imagination and make believe what could be. Let your mind and your heart take you to a place that WOWS you, that inspires you, and that evokes a feeling of amazingness. Open your eyes and know that everything you just imagined IS possible.

Life is about believing. When we believe, we see.

After all, BELIEVE= BE-(a)-LI(e)VE.


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