Four Word Fun…damentals

Inspired by Seth Godin’s four word statement: “Do Work That Matters,” I’ve taken the liberty to come up with some other ones that I’d like to share. Feel free to pass them on, incorporate them into your lives and come up with some of your own (which I then hope you will share with us).

Make This Day Count

Live Like It Matters

Be Someone You Respect

Be Someone You Admire

You Are Worth It

Life Is Worth It

Big Picture, Fine Focus.

Play Big, Live Well

Be Kind To Others

Be Kind To Yourself

Dreams Do Come True

Be A Dream Maker

Love Is True Power

I Believe In You

You Are A RockStar

Make It Happen Today

Gratitude Gives Life Meaning

Give From Your Heart

Celebrating Makes Life Fun

Live From Your Powerhouse

Happy (insert day of week) To You.

Make A Difference Today

Try This Out Yourself.


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