Missing Keys & Hidden Opportunities.

In life there are obstacles and opportunities. The interesting part of obstacles is they are actually opportunities in disguise.

On Sunday evening as Drew and I were about to head home, I went to my purse to grab my car keys only they were not in my purse. I searched everywhere but no keys could be found. Luckily I had my back-up set.

Lesson 1: when possible, always have a back-up set of keys

On Monday, we drove up to my parent’s place to look in the closet where my purse was. They had to be there…but they were not. Still no keys!

Lesson 2: obstacle or opportunity….your choice

After working for a couple of hours and searching high and low for these keys, we decided to go to Drew’s sister’s house and check there one more time. She searches, we search and still NO KEYS. We decide to have dinner together and just enjoy the impromptu visit and dinner date.

Lesson 3: inconveniences can turn into impromptu fun

Returning home from a day like no other, I stuck my hand in the side pocket of my duffle bag only to pull out a giant set of keys! They keys were finally found. THANK GOODNESS!

If I didn’t misplace my keys, Monday may have been just like any other Monday. Instead, this Monday turned out to be one like no other. We enjoyed working from the serenity of my parents house, spent the afternoon visiting with our family, and through it all had the chance to see things as obstacle or opportunity.

We chose opportunity and opportunities we had.

Thank you keys for a wonderful Monday and for setting me up for a fantastic week of hidden opprtunities.


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