Celebrating Rock Stars: Chris Martin-Chang

Today as I sat down wondering  what my Friday post would be about, I had to look no further than Facebook. I was reminded of the amazing people I have privilege of knowing and calling my family and friends. When I saw this person’s name, it was a  no brainer. Today I wanted to honor him and share with you a true Rock Star in my eyes.

Name: Chris Martin-Chang

Occupation: Super Hero and Rock Star 

Super Powers: Master of Making Things Happen and Dynamo on the Dance Floor

Chris is amazing. He is an amazing father, incredible husband, loving son, inspiring teacher, athlete, and humanitarian. Earlier this year, Chris and I were talking and he was sharing with me his desire to take his students from his High School Leadership Course on a trip to the Dominican Republic-not on a typical all-inclusive as one might be thinking but more so an all-inclusive trip of humanity (helping build houses for those in need). The challenge: helping these amazing students raise enough money so that they could make this trip a reality. Through fundraising activities and the generous hearts of those around, Chris and six of his students partnered up with Absolute.org and turned this once dream into reality!

For 9 days, Chris and his students witnessed and shared in the stories of the families they were helping. They took in the sights, the sounds, and the emotions of what living in poverty is like. What is most incredible is that during those moments, they experienced life from a whole different perspective.

Chris, you had a vision and you made it a reality. You not only gave your students an unforgettable gift, you gave humanity a little more dignity, respect, and love.

To all of you, never underestimate your own power. Your vision and dedication to manifesting it  has the ability to unite, transform, and connect. And life on the big screen is about that: Uniting, transforming, connecting.

In their 9 days in the Dominican Republic, Chris and his students exemplified one of the most important lessons of humanity:

We Are All One.

For more information on Absolute.org and Hero Holiday, please visit http://www.absolute.org

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