Excitement Unleashed!

Happy Thursday All!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that some BIG things were happening and….they have!

1. The NEW website was unveiled earlier this week thanks to the brilliant and talented Drew Lesiuczok of http://www.lessuhchuck.com

Check. It. Out.  http://www.bigpicturefinefocus.com

2. I was recently featured on Extraordinary Women TV with Shannon Skinner.

A recording of the interview can be found at http://www.bigpicturefinefocus.com/freestuff.html  or simply click on the photo below.

3. Yesterday was my mum’s birthday (Happy Birthday + a day Mum!) and I had the privilege of being interviewed by the beautiful Jory Fisher of Women Find Purpose on Heart & Soul Radio. To listen to the interview, please visit http://womenfindpurpose.com/connoisseur-of-life-manifesto-joann-lim/ or click on the photo below.

There is LOTS more exciting news coming up.

If YOU have exciting news of your own that you would like to share, please comment on the post or connect with us at mihtime@bigpicturefinefocus.com…we’d LOVE to celebrate with you!

Lastly, if there is anything that I have been reminded, it is this:

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