“You are the Magic”-Paul Arden

I was in my early-mid 20’s in search of a meaningful career.

I had a healthy bank account, was involved in stuff, yet had very little fulfillment in my life.

I was unhappy. I was frustrated. I was living same day on repeat and it wasn’t a day I particularly enjoyed.

I tried on friendships/relationships/jobs looking for that perfect fit-the one that would light me up and fill me with that feel good-goodness a.k.a. the happiness we all crave.

Something was missing. Something was always missing.

I wanted the elements of my life to fit.

At one point I was so frustrated that I said something needs to change.

Little did I know that the something was really someone and that someone was me.

I realized that if I wanted things to change, I had to BE that change.

The minute I realized that I was responsible, something happened…it was if I was surrounded by four walls and finally I saw a door to go through.

I got my eyes checked AND my vision corrected.

My dreams were no one else’s responsibility. They belonged to me. They were MY responsibility. So I got clear and made a commitment to myself on what I stood for and what I no longer stood for.

I starting waking up 1 hour earlier everyday to read. I found mentors who I admired and learned from them.I allowed myself to DREAM BIG.

In the process, I realized that I wanted a genuine and meaningful relationship more than my career. Not just another friendship but a REAL relationship with someone who I could share and enjoy life with.

I thought the big questions was: Who was Mr. Right? I found out that the BIGGER question was: Who am I?

I spent time getting to know me. I identified who I was being and who I wanted to be. I acknowledged the behaviour(s) that may not have worked in my favour and the ones that were in fact sabotaging my longing for a relationship.

Coming to terms with who I was being gave me the space to commit to who I wanted to be. It called out my fears and allowed me to move forward in courage. I realized I wanted it (it=a meaningful relationship and a life I loved) more than I was afraid of it.

I stepped up to the plate, made some bold moves (shared with people how I really felt about them and what they meant to me) and gave myself permission to be 1000% vulnerable. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

This part of my growth allowed me to create new possibilities not only for love but for my life!

Now 4 years later, I am in the very best relationship of my life, with a man who is everything I dreamed of (literally) and more! I am living a life I love each and everyday and continue to DREAM BIG and live fulfilled. My life has become a journey unique to me, rooted by a connection to those around me.

I discovered the secrets of living a life completely tailored to me: the experiences, the relationships, and the rewards!

It’s YOUR turn. You’ve been thinking about it and perhaps waiting for that special invite….it’s here.

I personally invite you to see today as unlike any other. And this moment right here is yours. Continue on the path you are on or wake up to the magic of the moment and know that Mr. Right and the life you’re dreaming of is possible.

Are you ready to PLAY BIG? Drop me a line at joann@bigpicturefinefocus.com (I read and respond to my own emails!) and Let’s Make It Happen!

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