Performance Enhancers.

Last week, I introduced you to the infamous team of Robbers in town whose sole mission in life is to Rob you of your joy, self-dignity, and confidence.

Today I want to introduce you to a different team, a team that I like to call the Performance Enhancers.

The  mission of the Performance Enhancers is to help you take your life to the next level to experience the very best that life has to offer: love, laughter, connection, sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness.

The thing with the Performance Enhancers is they require certain ingredients to work. These ingredients are:  awareness, focus, intention, commitment, and action.

Who are the members of this team? It’s my privilege to introduce you to them so that you can be on the look out for them and know that they are around to help you succeed, make your life easier, and enable you to live the life you want.

Oscar the Opportunity: his forte is to give you the chance to create, learn, grow, meet new people, try new things, etc. He often looks for ways to present himself and as such can often be disguised as obstacles or inconveniences.

Grace O’ Gratitude & TY: her forte is to help you focus on all the goodness and/or greatness in your life; nothing is too small or insignificant for Grace. Her motto is, “whatever you appreciate, appreciates so why not focus on all that is good in your life.” She is often accompanied by her friend T.Y. (full name: Thank You). Applicable to individuals of all ages, income levels, professions, etc.

Belle Balance: her forte is to help you establish stability in your life to help you maintain a sense of self, which is especially beneficial when you experience changes in your life. Belle shows up everyday when you decide what to do/what not to do, when to go out/when to stay in, when to say, “yes”/when to say, “no, thank you.” She is often dismissed as being a nuisance or something people can ignore regularly but then is called upon when she is not around. When she is not around, people feel overwhelmed, tired, annoyed, irritated, frustrated, burnt-out, and stuck.

The Em Powers: the Em Powers show up in our everyday attitudes, energy, and mindset. When embraced, they are a source of motivation, inspiration, and energy increase. With them, your life flows and things come easily. (Please note: the Em Powers should not be confused with the DISEM Powers who also exist but ARE NOT part of the Performance Enhancers. The DISEM Powers also show up in our everyday attitudes, energy, and mindset. However, as opposed to increasing your energy, they drain your energy and you feel less than, experience low confidence, and unable to do anything. Things are difficult and you feel stuck.)

Arthur the Aligned-Action Taker: his motto is like that of NIKE, “Just Do It!” Arthur’s forte is to move you forward in a manner that is in alignment with your goals and dreams. When given permission, Arthur’s impact is seen in tasks being accomplished, goals being achieved, and dreams being realized.

These Performance Enhancers have the ability to bring you happiness, increase your power, self-dignity, confidence, and energy.  The catch is, they have ZERO power unless YOU give it to them.  YOU are the gatekeeper of your happiness.  You decide who enters and who remains outside. HAPPINESS LIVES WITHIN YOU AND I. Once you realize this, it’s time to celebrate knowing that YOU have the power!  You, alone, choose each day whether to ENABLE or DISABLE this team of Performance Enhancers.

YOU CHOOSE.  Your happiness is on the line.


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