You are not a number but YOU COUNT.

If there is something that I hope to imprint on the hearts and minds of those I meet, it is this: YOU MATTER.

For some odd reason, “our society,” which is made up of talented, intelligent, extraordinary individuals have chosen to fall victim to the following beliefs:

1. You are a number and as such, you don’t matter.

2. You are replaceable.

These two statements are full of garbage and should be eliminated from our vocabulary.

Let me ask you this, by holding on and following the two statements above, what type of world are we creating?

It’s funny that a basic human need is to feel valued and connected yet by treating people as a number and telling them that they are replaceable goes against this. If anything, it robs us of this basic need.

In cities around the world, people are starving from malnutrition. So, what do we do? Well, the kind souls out there remember that we have the capacity to share what we have and make a difference. We collect food, raise money, raise awareness, and so forth.

In cities around the world, people are starving….from love, acceptance, and connection. How has this happened? By saying it’s ok to treat people as numbers, by making people feel inadequate, by making people feel small so that we can feel big, and by doing nothing because you don’t think it matters. IT MATTERS. So what can we do? Embrace and more importantly commit to LIVING OUT the Golden Rule: Treat others the way we would like to be treated. We become aware that as food is essential to our survival, love, acceptance, and connection are even more essential.

Today, I invite us all to take a look into our own lives. Are you playing on the team that is helping others feel valued, loved, and accepted or are you playing on the team that believes everyone is a number? Are you looking out for others or are you too busy looking out for yourself?

The reality is my friend, YOU MATTER, YOU MATTER, YOU MATTER. And if anyone tells you otherwise, thank them for sharing and remind them that he/she matters….he/she is probably starving too.


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