Happy Thanksliving!

Good Morning Rock Stars,

Happy Monday! As this beautiful day is set before us, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon this season…the bountiful harvest.

Last week in Canada, we celebrated Thanksgiving-a time to give thanks and have gratitude for the people, experiences, opportunities and abundance in our lives. It was a time to give thanks for what we DO have (vs. what we lack). It’s in this same spirit that a new celebration of sorts came to mind: Thanksliving. Yes, you read right.

Today, I want to introduce Thanksliving-a celebration of our lives. Unlike our birthdays in which we honor the day we were born, Thanksliving reminds us to give thanks for the lives we have the privilege of living. It is a time to reflect, to honor, and to acknowledge what we DO have, the things we CAN do, and the opportunities around us. Thanksliving challenges us to consider whether the lives we are living are out of obligation (“I have to…”) or privilege (“I get to…”).

As the sunrises in this part of the world and sets in other parts of the world, I invite all of you to join me in celebrating Thanksliving.

May you enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and every moment in between.

Here’s to a Rock Star worthy week ahead!


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