To-[insert verb] List

Over the past couple of weeks, the notion of to-do lists has come up several times. It seems that many (more so than not) keep some form of to-do list.


Some reasons I’ve heard:

-”I like checking off things.”

-”It helps keep me organized”

-”I feel like I’ve accomplished something”

While thinking of these infamous to-do list, I stumbled upon a thought: “ I wonder what other lists people keep.” If these “to-do” lists serve to keep us focused, on task, organized, and accountable, how could this tool help us in other areas of our lives? I came up with my list of “To-[insert verb] List.”

To-Serve/Help List: all the people and/or organizations you are going to serve/help using your gifts, talents, resources, connections

To-Love List: all the people you will show love towards and all the ways you will “Love by example”-Ophellia McKnight

To-Be List: all the characteristics you will embody each day To-Feel List: all the emotions you are willing to feel

To-Give/Share List: all the ways in which you can share yourself with others (who you are, who you know, what you know)

To-Live List: all the ways in which you will “Live by example”-Ophellia McKnight

To-See List: all the people & places, experiences & encounters you will be on the look-out for

To-Hear List: all the conversations you will engage in To-Understand List: all the concepts you commit to understanding

To-Believe List: all the things you will choose to believe The above are a mere selection of what’s possible.

I’m curious as to what other To-[insert verb] Lists people keep. Care to share? We’d love to hear! Simply comment below or send us an email to

Wishing each and everyone of you a very Happy Thursday!


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