My Winnings from Las Vegas

I love going on vacation.

I’m pretty sure most people enjoy going on vacation….when they give themselves permission to unplug, relax, and rejuvenate.

Last week, I spent my days surrounded by mountains and desert in the famous city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

With it came some important reminders.

1. Ask and often times you shall receive. On Monday evening, we had tickets to see Mystere (Cirque du Soleil), which we purchased online. When I went to pick-up the tickets, I asked if they happened to have any better seats available (at no price increase). “Let me see what I can do.” was the reply I got. A couple of minutes later, the kind man returned and moved us to the front of the house at no cost! This was a simple reminder that if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

2. Make your own rules. Yes my friends, I was in Las Vegas a.k.a. sin city a.k.a. the city that never sleeps. For one, I am not much of a gambler. I did however, spend the $20 given to me by one casino and that was all the gambling I did. Secondly, I enjoyed a good night’s rest every night. There was plenty of opportunity to “party-it up” yet I was happy to enjoy some nice meals, check out some great shows, visit some cool towns and enjoy Vegas the way I deemed fit. Here it is folks, just because “everyone” else is doing it, you don’t have to. Life is what YOU make of it and not what others want you to make of it.

3. You always have a choice (even in the moments when you feel like you have no choice). Your attitude, the meaning you place on things, your experience, and so forth all lie at the mercy of you and the choices you make. On my way to the airport, I realized that I needed a couple of band-aids but knew they were packed in my big suitcase. I figured I’d just suck it up and carry on with my day without them. Upon checking-in for my return flight home, my suitcase weighed in at 57lbs (7lbs overweight). Mum, if you’re reading this, don’t be furious, it ends well. The woman gently asked if I could reduce it by 5lbs or so. Off to the side I went to move some stuff into my relatively empty carry-on and low and behold, amidst this slight “inconvenience” I had the opportunity to get those band-aids I so needed! Yes, opportunities often come disguised as inconveniences. May this be a reminder that there will be times in life when things don’t go the way you thought they would, it’s ok. In the end, it’s up to you what you make of it.

Here’s to Vegas-thanks for the memories, thanks for the reminders, and thanks for contributing just a bit more amazingness to an already incredible 2011!

And here’s to you-may this week ahead present you with the courage to ask, opportunities  to create & live by your own rules, and the wisdom of being aware of the choices you make. Together they will affect the life you live…and remember, it’s YOUR life.

Happy Monday!


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