Say it with me now….

I am Responsible.

I am Responsible for how I feel, the thoughts I have, the opinions (created by self and given by others) I enable to be truths, the actions I take, the choices I make, and the life I lead.

I am Responsible for my happiness and sadness and every emotion in between.

I am Responsible for the impact I have on others yet they are responsible for how they feel.

I am Responsible for taking this gift called life and living it such that I leave this world and the people in it better than when I first arrived.

I am Grateful.

I am Grateful for this privilege.

I am Grateful for the happy moments, the sad moments, and every moment in between….why? Because it reflects that I’m human.

I am Grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.

I am Grateful for this moment right now which in the blink of an eye will be over. This is kind of how life is. When we focus in the past or are fixated on the future, we lose out on the now.

NOW is what we have. NOW is it.

I am Responsible & Grateful for the NOW moments in my life that were once in my future and ultimately will be my past.

Here’s to every “in the now” moment!


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