Save the best for last?

“Save the best for last” is a saying that has been around for decades and one that has me curious. One of the questions that comes to mind is this: if we save the best for last, will we really enjoy it when it arrives?

I used to save things for “special days,” which when I was working a 9-5 meant Fridays. I used to save my best food, my best clothes, my best attitude, my best ideas for this special day. Why?

In considering my behaviour through the lens of an investor, it would appear that I would invest four working days of mediocre food, mediocre outfits, mediocre commitment and mediocre attitude for ONE day of my “best” self. How many of you out there are saving your best? Saving your talent, happiness, and sense of adventure for a “special” day to come (i.e., when you get a new job, when you retire, when the weekend arrives, etc.)? Why are we waiting for a “special” day to arrive vs. making each day we live special in itself?

After observing the way I was living my life, I decided that things needed to change. As opposed to saving myself for that one special day a week, I committed to making each day one worth living. I started each morning being thankful for the day ahead. I began preparing meals I looked forward to eating and started dressing in outfits that help bring my best self out (it’s amazing what happens when you dress the way you want to feel). I committed to a different sort of investing-one that would see me invest my best self each day (mind, body, soul/attitude, actions, awareness) and in return I would no longer wait in anticipation for Friday to arrive, I instead made each day a Friday.

Where are you today? Are you waiting for the clock to hit 5pm? Are you waiting to retire? Are you waiting for Friday?

At the end of your time here, would you have been considered a Saver or a Giver?

Whether you’re one to save the best for last or save up for rainy days, let us not go without appreciating the moments we do have and the sunny days when they are around.

Happy Tuesday All!



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