Learning from an 8 Year-Old…

“Take a chance on me”

 -Jasmine & Stokes

 A couple of years ago, Drew and I watched a compelling Canadian documentary (featured at the Hot Docs festival) called “Listen to This.” The documentary followed the lives of several inner city kids enrolled in an after school music program “Evolving Through the Arts” (http://www.egbofoundation.org/). We were introduced to the stories of their everyday lives-the challenges, the realities of living in a neighbourhood plagued with gangs, rape, and violence, and the possibilities of what could be. We witnessed the life of Jasmine-a sweet and extremely intelligent 8 year-old girl who struggled with her confidence at the beginning and with the help of a dedicated Stokes (program leader/mentor), she grew in confidence and used the talents she’s been blessed with to co-write and perform a song in front of an audience. To learn more about the film, please check out: http://www.proximityfilms.ca/listen_to_this.html

Beautiful, innocent, and raw-the film was spectacular and inspiring. Jasmine’s song “Take A Chance On Me” is something I think all of us face in our lives-the longing for others to believe in us and perhaps the greatest of them all, our own ability to believe in ourselves.

Anything is possible when we believe.

After all, BELIEVE= BE-A-LI(e)VE

Happy Monday All:)

Here’s to a Rock Star week ahead… You Matter!

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