My date with TED. #LIMpact #impactmatters

Saturday March 10, 2012 will be a day I will never forget.

Two reasons: baby Olivia Joie was born (daughter of Alex and Erik/my family and our world grows by one!) AND I had the honour and privilege of hosting/MCing @TEDxYorkU ( thanks to the @TEDxYorkU organizing committee who put their trust in me. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for helping me make a dream come true!

The theme of the event was #impactmatters and my goal was to infuse a little (or a lot) of #LIMpact into the event. In thanksgiving of this experience and the numerous tweets asking me to post my challenges aka call to action, here they are:

1. #impactmatters because you and I matter. It is up to you and I to remind others that they matter too. Giving the gift of dignity and respect is one of the most meaningful ways we can have an impact each and everyday.

2. We are all interpreters and translators of life. Our challenge is to share more of who we are with those around us and provide them with the space to share who they are with us. Share & Tell is an act of courage. How much of yourself are you willing to share?

3. Twitter gives us 140 characters to use. Consider all of the ways you can describe yourself in 140 characters…or less.

4. Do you want to receive the BEST that life has to offer? If yes, be willing to GIVE your best each and everyday. This is the magic of the Pendulum of Life. (If for whatever reason, you’re answer is not, “Hell Yes,” we need to chat.) There is power in one: one choice, one action, one moment at a time.

5. We are like kernals of popcorn. In the the right condition (time, temperature & environment) we will pop…perhaps not all at the same time.

6. ChANge is inevitable. The secret to embracing change is focusing on what you CAN do. The word can’t does not exist in change.

7. What is the BEST mistake you’ve ever made? Be willing to embrace mistakes and failures because as we have learned, they make for compelling TED talks! It is our mistakes, failures, and moments of awkwardness that connect us. Being VULNERABLE=true strength and power!

8. TED talks may be a one day event but the TED experience is one that never ends (if you choose). How will your experience at TEDx better connect you with others? What will your TEDx experience be like tomorrow? True impact is not a one day thing. Like a ripple effect, we never know when it will end.

9. Meaningful Impact is rooted in what is important to us, what we are passionate about, and what we are willing to take a stand for. What do you stand for/do not stand for? What type of impact will you choose to have from this moment forward?

10. A SuperHero lives within all of us and he/she finds her Super Powers in moments of challenge, inconvenience, and weakness. You have the power within you to overcome any obstacle and use it to impact your life and the lives of others; to enhance; to encourage; to empower; to LOVE.

#impactmatters because YOU and I matter.

“Roses are red, violets are blue. It has been my honour and privilege to share TEDx with you.”

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