Now Moments #love #connection #legacy

This past weekend, we celebrated the marriage between two individuals in love.

As we celebrated this union, another family was celebrating the life well-lived of the late Robert Kennedy, leader, mentor, father, husband, and publisher of Oxygen magazine (, the Eat-Clean series, and the list goes on.

And yet another family was celebrating the birth of a baby girl.

The connection between all three: LOVE.

In life, we experience heart-warming moments and moments of heart-break.

Birth, marriage, and death remind us all of three fundamental attributes of human life:

potential, connection, and legacy.

Potential-we were all born to rise. We enter the world with so much to learn, to give, to share, and to experience.

Connection-a sense of being, belonging, and being accepted, connection comes in many ways, The connection that is felt between two as they commit their lives to one another maybe one of the most profound connections we can have. It in essence says, “I’ve got your back and I will protect your heart.”

Legacy-a life well-lived means that the essence of who we are remains alive though our physical self is no longer present. At the end of our earthly lives, what will our lives represent? What will our story say? How will our existence add to the world we live in?

Love is the beginning, middle, and the end. It is in the potential we have to love and be loved, to share who we are and allow others to share themselves with us. Love is the connection between two-friends, partners, spouses, family. Lastly, Love is the greatest legacy we could ever leave. To ensure that during our short time here on earth, we will have added more love into this world and helped one more person know that they are loved.

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