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As most of you have come to know, I like adventure.  I am curious by nature and as such welcome unexpected experiences, surprise visits, and last-minute jet-setting. Sometimes though, I enjoy the “normality” of everyday life. Or is there such a thing?

Last Tuesday, I groggily woke up early to make Drew breakfast and get his lunch ready (he usually does this for himself however he came home after midnight from a long day of designing at work). So to be nice, I thought I would get up to help kick-start his day (he was probably more groggy than I was). I went to get a plate from the cupboard and CRASH! Yup, I had manage to break one of our beautiful plates.

Choice one: will I let this “out of the ordinary” event ruin my day?

My choice: as crappy as it was to break a plate, it was only a plate.

The rest of breakfast ended up going smoothly and he was out the door headed for another day of designing.

(shameless plug: for those who haven’t checked out his work, I invite you to visit www.lessuhchuck.com and/or pick up a copy of Sportsnet Magazine)

A little while later, I went into the kitchen to make my daily cup of tea. I grabbed my favourite Dean & Deluca mug and as I sat it down on the counter, all I saw was another mug come tumbling down and CRASH! My beloved D & D mug was now the victim of a mug-on-mug crash.

Choice two: will I let this second “crash’ ruin my day?

My choice: as crappy as breaking two objects in a span of 2 hours is and as crappy as it is to break my favourite mug, it’s just a mug and it was just a plate.

Dear friends, life is now. More often than not, we are presented with “out of the ordinary” circumstances like broken plates, a fluke car accident on the way to work, a broken coffee machine at your local coffee place, etc. Our choice is how we interpret these situations. Do we magnify the tragic or do we assign a meaning that enables us to move on?

My  D & D mug was meaningful to me because I gave it meaning.

But as last Tuesday’s incidents reminded me, learning to let go enables life to continue to have more meaning.

In memory of my beloved Dean & Deluca Mug (2005-2012)

Thanks for all of the yummy beverages!

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