Monday Mandate: Activate & Release

Good Morning Rock Stars,

A brand spankin’ new day is upon us and it has extraordinary written all over it.

Because it also happens to be a Monday, I know some of you out there have erased the extraordinary and instead have written horrendous, chaotic, crappy, etc. on it.

Ladies & Gents, you are an incredible person with immense power and influence over your life and the lives of others. With each choice you make on who you’ll be today and the actions you’ll take, this day can be extraordinary or just another crappy Monday.

Today I encourage you to kick-off this week in style. Commit to giving YOUR very best to make this day the best you can possibly make it. Consider what you need to ACTIVATE (e.g., kindness, patience, grateful attitude, commitment, integrity, a smile, etc.) and also what you need to RELEASE (e.g., today’s b.s., last week’s frustration, disappointment, not getting your way, etc.) to take this day up a notch and add another tick to the “amazing day” column.

You are worth it, my friend. Your life is worth it and there is no better day to make exceptional than this day at hand.

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