Our dreams are inspired visions of what is possible.

Rooted deep within, they propel us forward on days when we feel like we can go no further.

They give us hope of a happier tomorrow, which offers us happiness today.

When we are young, we imagine.

As we grow older, our imaginations give way to routine.

Our unconventionalist minds are trained to become more conventional

and the dreams we once had get buried beneath routine and someone else’s agenda.

But not today.

Today is the day to dig out that dream.

Dust it off.

Roll your shoulders back and get ready to breathe life into it.


Because You Matter. Your Life Matters.

And the world becomes that much better, one dream come true at a time.

This post is dedicated to all who hold a dream within and especially those who have the courage to listen to their hearts and transform their dream and the dreams of others into a living reality.

To my fiance Drew, thank you for making this dream come true.

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