The Honest System

(SPECIAL NOTE: This reflection aka “free admission exercise” was written yesterday and I had no intention of  posting it until I sat down to write this week’s blog post. If this journey has taught me anything, it is this: nothing is more powerful than raw honesty and sheer emotion laid on the line. Some call it being vulnerable, I call it being alive.)

It’s 2:30pm on Monday and the adrenalin is pumping yet I feel tired.

I am overwhelmed…or am I.

I feel like I have lots to do and lots I want to do yet I have not enough energy to do them all.

So what can I do?

Focus on one thing at a time. Commit to UNI-tasking

Let go of expectations. Does getting 5 things checked off really=success?

Breathe. And breathe again.

Have faith that all will work out. It always does.

Stop looking at everything all at once and start looking at things one at a time. Clutter vs. Clarity…what describes your current view of your day/life?

I am my own best friend or worst enemy. You and I have incredible power folks.

I am intentionally choosing the former and intentionally showing the latter the door.

I am tired.

I want to rest and not think about anything…or anyone. Insert the practice of meditation where this IS possible. I even downloaded meditation apps for my iPad!

I need to dig deep and put my BEST self forward. The 2 P’s of Rock Stars: patience and persistence.

Yes I am tired and that’s ok.

Today is all that matters.

And today, I will do the BEST I can with what I have and everything I am.

LOVEothers and self.

GIVE generously.

RECEIVE gratefully.


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