The Ultimate Reward

People, especially in North America, are often striving for something-status, love, money, possessions,”more,” etc.

With the act of striving comes the art of action and the need for constant action to move one (or many) step(s) forward.

What if for one moment, we stopped striving and asked ourselves, “What do I consider the Ultimate Reward?”

What am I striving for and more importantly, why?

What are those things you dream of, long for, and/or are working towards?

What do you desire for you, your life, and those you love?

I invite you to press the button on the treadmill to slow your pace down and start walking at a pace that allows you to remember why you got on the treadmill in the first place.

Ladies and gents, what we want can happen.

Dreams can come true. I’m living proof of it.

The reality is, making it happen in our lives requires us to balance the striving with the nourishing and nurturing. It requires us to get off the treadmill every now and then and tend to those seeds (seeds=dreams, intentions, goals) that we’ve planted. The deeper those seeds are planted, the more rooted they are in times of challenge, inconvenience, and “circumstances.”

Harvest season WILL come but we must do our part.

As important as it is to plant those seeds, it is equally important to a) take care of those seeds by nourishing and nurturing the soil (soil=our environment) and b) weeding regularly (removing the habits, relationships, and beliefs that we are holding on to that do not nourish our dreams but instead suck the life out of them).

The beauty of it all is that in due time, as we do our part, harvest season will come and we will enjoy our ultimate reward.

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