Why (soccer) Balls Are Necessary…

In honour of my amazing soccer team and our recent championship win, I thought it was only fitting to share what I call:

The TEN Lessons from Wednesday Night Soccer.

1. The game is not over until it’s over.

2. Offence and defence are equally important.

3. Sometimes, we experience nights when things just seem off…it’s ok.

4. Communication between players is key.

5. Passing is great and so is shooting. It’s about mastering when to pass and when to shoot. Seize the opportunity.

6. Fun is fundamental to success. When we’re having fun, we play better.

7. Every player plays a vital position. Some are great passers, some are great sprinters, some are great defenders, some are great motivators, some are great at anticipating what’s going to happen next. Some are great at writing Rolph reports…that are now infamous. Many are a combination of those listed. ALL of which are key to a successful team-a combination of diverse players and an appreciation for what each player brings to the team.

8. Learning is about being open to new ideas, suggestions, and a willingness to try them out.

9. There is something so incredible about playing on a team…it’s a collective experience. It unites and brings people together….once strangers, now friends.

10. It’s a WIN (health & wellness)-WIN (individual growth)-WIN (community) opportunity.

Here’s to my incredible teammates who I admire, learn from, and who make Wednesday nights that much more incredible. Looking forward to fall season!


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