Be Addicted…I Dare You.

I was recently inspired by a statement made by one of my mentors John Gray (@realjohngray, He said, “When it comes to relationships, people often want the instant version but want it to feel like it was homemade.” This notion got me thinking.

How often in life do we operate the same way in terms of our careers, our health, our happiness?

We live in a society that has fostered and fed into the idea of instant gratification and as such we have become more impatient when things don’t take shape when we think it should.

We all long for a sense of contentment, fulfillment, and happiness.

The question is, what are you feeding yourself? What are you feasting on?

Junk food (a.k.a. fears, insecurities, negativity) is easily accessible, it’s instant, it’s cheap and can be highly addictive. The problem is, it does not nourish us. Instead, this instant food works against us. Though it may satisfy a ‘craving=need for fulfillment,’ it does nothing to move us forward but rather it does a fantastic job at keeping us where we are and holding us back from all that we are to be, do, and have in life.

The nourishing food (a.k.a. courage, confidence, positivity) is also accessible but requires more effort to seek out and ingest. The challenge is, it takes conscious effort, time and patience-something that a lot of us struggle with. The benefit is, it is the BEST investment strategy for yourself and for others as it not only feeds you, it is satisfying. And thus, has the ability to fuel every area of your life.

Ladies & Gents, it comes down to a powerful six-letter word: C-H-O-I-C-E. Your choice matters because you matter. 

Today, I encourage all of you to examine what you are feeding yourself with and why?

If you’re going to be addicted to anything, be addicted to being your BEST self and giving your best to yourself/others/world. Be addicted to feasting on nourishing food. It may be tough at first to break out of your current routine/eating habits but I assure you, it will be well worth it.

Why? Because You are worth it.

Remember, instantly fulfilled, instantly gone.

How will you invest today? What will you feast on?

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