Be a Gift Unwrapper.

To make life easier, we must be willing to stand for something and make (sometimes) tough choices.

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Welcome naysayers and inconveniences. Why? Because they are just life asking you if you are SERIOUS about who you are, what you believe in, and the life you desire. Gifts often come in disguise. Don’t judge it by the wrapping paper for the true gift is within. Gifts are meant to be unwrapped! 

As you get closer to the top, you will face the greatest tests of endurance, strength, perseverance and faith that You Will Reach the Top if you don’t give up. Going uphill takes more of you (character, strength, determination, endurance) than going downhill.

Fear loves to torment you. It calls your name hoping and wishing that you will listen. It follows you, never stops talking, and will do anything to keep you where you are. Fear is afraid of what would happen if Courage took over. It knows it would be out of a job. As the beautiful Lisa Comes ( said, “Fear became the unwanted guest and constant companion./…/It goes where it’s not wanted and stays when it’s not welcome.” Fear is like the bad friend who is constantly negative; tells you all the things you can’t do, don’t have, and are lacking; kills every good-buzz you have; holds you back from your dreams; is okay with mediocrity; criticizes everything and everyone; is loud, obnoxious, irritating, and annoying; wants to hang out all the time; brings little value to the relationship.

Living fully is an everyday commitment. It’s the still and strong spirit from within that says, “I can. I am. I will. No matter what.” Make living fully non-negotiable. 

Limitations give us a glimpse and are the “clue” we need to uncover, discover, and embrace our limitless selves, incredible possibilities, and unlimited opportunities available to us.

Wishing you the most amazing day ahead. Go out and unwrap some gifts!

6 thoughts on “Be a Gift Unwrapper.

  1. That mountain image definitely relates to me and where I’m at right now so thank you for that picture as well as the wrapped gift! This was a really good post!

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