IT Syndrome

You know them, I know them, we’ve all used them.

In some form of another, if/then statements have become everyday statements. (A close relative to the when I/then I statements)

If I get this raise, then I will be happy.

If I do well on my test, then I will feel smart.

If he says, “I love you” first, then I will tell him I love him.

If it rains, then it will be a bad day.

If people are nice to me, then I’ll be nice to them.

If people are mean to me, then I’ll be mean right back.

If I get the credit, then I’ll do my best work & give my best ideas.

If I leave now, then I’ll be early/on time/late.

If I have lots of money, then I will feel rich.

If I say yes, then others will like me.

If I say no, then people may not like me.

If it’s convenient and easy, then I’ll do it.

If it’s within my budget, then I will buy it.

If lots of people buy it, then I know it’s good.

If God before me, then who dare be against me.

If I eat well, then I will feel well.

If I see results immediately, then I will do it.

How often do the if/then statements you use EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and MOTIVATE you to be your best self, seize each day and every opportunity, and live life to the fullest?

Alternately, how often do your if/then statements hold you back from your potential, justify where you are in life, and keep you from living your best life?

The reality is, it can go either way and the power YOU have is you get to choose in which direction your if/then statements will go. Will they empower, inspire, and motivate you OR will they leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, and discouraged?

Today, I invite you take an inventory of the if/then statements you’re using in your life and let go of any which are keeping you from being your best self and living your best life. If anything, start using if/then statements to speak POWER into your life and tap into your true, natural superpowers.

If I give my best everyday, then I will have no regrets.

If I give a respectful no to things/commitments that don’t align with my values and/or I don’t have time for, then I will be able to fully commit and give a HELL YA to the people/things that I enjoy and am passionate about.

If I give my best, then I will live my best.

Ladies and gents, your words have power because YOU are that powerful.

“Send your words in the direction you want to go.”

Joel Osteen

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