Crap-Free Living

Dear Rockstar,

Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re having an amazing week thus far and that it will only get better.

I have something to tell you. Perhaps you already know or perhaps not. The truth is, you need to know.


See this world we live in, it needs you but not just 1/2 ass you or a second rate version of someone else. Our world needs your BEST…the very best you can offer.

Our world has been taken over by a very serious and fatal disease called apathy. 

This disease has led to crazy behaviours and beliefs such as:

-Money and making profit is more important than the well-being of people

-People (including you) are replaceable

-Titles and paycheques dictate your self-worth

It’s ok to make people feel unwanted, unloved, and worthless

It’s ok to be cruel to people and animals 

-Dignity, honesty and integrity are a nice-to-have

-…and the list can go on…and on….and on

The truth is, You and I are too valuable to eat crappy food, endure non-existent service, be made to feel like we are just a number and let our paycheques determine our worth. ALL OF THIS is crap. Crap that we feed ourselves and each other because it is readily available, comes in abundance, and from all directions.

Today, November 20th, 2012 (Happy Birthday Dad!) let it be the day when we say, “NO to crappy behaviour and beliefs. NO to apathy.” And instead say, “HELL YES” to being the amazing Rockstars who are one part SuperHero, one part Shit-disturber and 100% Warriors in the battle for making life and this world the BEST it’s ever been.

Our world needs to wake-up from it’s apathetic sleep. We need to start taking responsibility for the products, processes, and policies we create. What would happen if for once, we put the well-being of people (not just one person) first?

See friend,

The state of our world today has come to be by people like you and me. It has come to be by the choices we make, the things we stand for/don’t stand for, and for the actions we take. We are that powerful.

Today Rockstar, I ask you to do what is right (which may not necessarily be convenient), to do what is good (which may not necessarily be easy or popular) and to say, “HELL YES” to contributing to make this world the BEST it’s ever been.

 The question I leave you with is: Will you stay asleep in apathy or will you be the courageous Rockstar I know you are and wake-up and CARE?

 I need your best. Our world needs your best. And it starts one choice at a time because YOU are that powerful. This isn’t a question; it’s a Rockstar statement.


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