Out With The Old; In With The #AWESOME!

I have a confession to make.

I have been holding back…because of fear-fear that I wouldn’t be good enough, fear that it would be more challenging than it is and so forth.

I have been holding back…but NO LONGER.

Yes my friends, the day has come and TODAY IS IT.

For the last couple of years, I have been a dedicated Blackberry user while having one eye on the IPhone. I like buttons. i like the feeling when the buttons push down as I type out a message (perhaps because than I wouldn’t really have to pay attention as long as I knew and could feel which letter I was typing). I needed buttons…or so I thought. The reality is, I do not need the buttons. They were simply there to make things easier and in my mind, they became essential when picking my hardware. To switch would be an inconvenience. To switch would require me to learn and become proficient in something I resisted. To switch would open me up to incredible opportunities, resources, and benefits.

Obstacle or Opportunity?

Though I’ve enjoyed having a Blackberry for the most part, I realized by not challenging myself to face the typing/button issue, I was holding myself back from the incredible potential, opportunities, and benefits of moving to a better device for me.

Ladies and Gents, I know this is a first world problem however I believe it’s reflective of a situation that all of us (atleast most of us) have dealt with at some point.

How often have you let one thing (inconvenience, changing your perspective, etc.) hold you back from bigger opportunities? How often have you made something small become much larger than it actually is? How often have you settled (job, relationships, appearance, thought pattern) just because it’s easier?

The reality folks is this, when we can confront these inconveniences and unwrap them for what they truly are, we discover incredible gifts within.


Rockstars, it’s time to LET GO of anything that doesn’t elevate your game, enhance your gifts, and empower you to give your best.

When we withold our gifts for whatever reason (it’s not easy, it’s inconvenient, fear of not being good enough, fear of any sort, I’m not where my friend is, comparing ourselves to others) or diminish what we have to offer (comparing ourselves to others, putting ourselves down, letting the words of others dictate our value, etc.), no one wins.

In this game of life, we need everyone to win. Game on…are you in or ARE YOU IN?

Out with the old, in with the AWESOME.


Elevate, Enhance, Empower

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