Overwhelmed & Out of Control

I woke up this morning feeling amazing and ready to conquer the world.

And then it happened. Within the hour, feelings of anxiousness and a sense of being overwhelmed seemed to be banging on my door.

The vision of an endless to-do list and the “times a ticking” came rushing in.

I even contemplated eating my breakfast while writing this post to save me some time.

I had two choices: carry on, on the path of destruction (led by anxious & overwhelming feelings) OR stop in my tracks, get off the treadmill and start again.

I stopped and got off the treadmill.

See folks, each day is an opportunity…or an obstacle. While to-do lists may be important, what is more important is our To-BE list. Who will you commit to being in this day ahead?

I ate my delicious & nutritious breakfast without reading a book or surfing the net. It was just me, my breakfast, and powerful silence.

It is in this silence that I re-awakened. This time to savour the moments of the day and to look at each task through the eyes of who I commit to being: grateful, calm, loving. No longer are these things “I have to do”…they are “I get to do.”

My question to you is: are you living out of mere obligation or out of privilege?

One will leave you feeling drained, miserable, and uninspired while the other will fuel you  with energy, power, and limitless potential.

The choice is yours. It always has been.



One thought on “Overwhelmed & Out of Control

  1. Love this one!

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