The Four Letter Word

I was chatting with my dad the other day and he said, “your brother thinks you’re rich!”

I replied, “Oh really? Why is that?”

His response, “because you eat organic food.”

I laughed.

Perception is funny. It can lead us to believe things, justify ways of being, and make judgements without understanding.

Perception in essence is how we see the world…how we CHOOSE to see the world and those in it.

The reason I laughed was because if you asked me a year ago re: organic food, I may have made a similar statement in that “It’s expensive,” “It’s the food of the rich.”

And then something happened.

I realized, it was simply a matter of perception, which meant it was simply a matter of choice.

  • I used to be the girl who would skimp on food at the mall so that she had more to spend on other things like clothes and such.
  • I used to be the girl who would buy food items because they were on sale and not necessarily because they were healthy.
  • I used to be the girl who trusted blindly in our food industry that everything they were creating was for our good. Why else would they create it/produce it/grow it? (Silly me.)

The reality, folks, is this:

What we feed ourselves (physically and metaphorically) has a big impact on the quality of our lives.

Would you put cheap gas in your expensive vehicle?

Being conscious of what we feed ourselves and making healthy choices are a way of life.

It is saying that I [insert your name] am more important than things.

It is saying I MATTER. My life matters.

No health, no wealth.

I am rich…because I choose to be. (p.s. a great resource to check out is Environmental Working Group

The F word…FOOD. It can be our best investment strategy or the thing that robs us of everything.

How will you choose to use it in your life?

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