In our family, we have a saying made “famous” by my Uncle Wah Foong.

The saying is, “Do you know why it’s so good? (*it in his context usually refers to a meal of sort)…because it is FREE!!!

Yes folks, individuals both young and old from every corner of the world enjoy a FREE offer from time to time (or for some, ALL the time.)

In honour of this amazing Tuesday ahead, I have not one, not two, but THREE FREE ROCKSTAR OFFERS for you.

Your choice: to seize not one, not two, but THREE of these amazing offers that WILL transform your day…perhaps your life in an incredible way.

These Rockstar offers are great but are even better because as my dear Uncle Wah Foong would say, “they’re FREE!”

1. YOU ASKED, I answered! Back by popular demand, you are invited to join other Rockstars as we Unleash Big-Time Visions (the first stop to Unleashing Greatness) during an evening of live vision-boarding at the beautiful #LoleAtelierBayview. Click on the image below to be taken to the official Facebook invite.

lole bayview

2. Rockstar Love. The book has arrived and has your name written on it.

52 weeks. 52 Game Changers.

Rockstar 52 Promo

To download the FREE preview, click on the image below.

Click the logo to download the free preview of Rockstar 52.
Click the image above to download the FREE preview of Rockstar 52.

3. LOLE White Yoga Tour 2013. Yes folks, the Rockstars of Lole are bringing the practice of doing Yoga for Peace to Toronto. Debuted in 2011 in Paris, the 2013 tour will include Salt Lake City, Toronto, Montreal, and Santa Barbara. It’s Free (they provide the mats). It’s Fun. It’s AMAZING.

Lole White Tour-Toronto

Let’s do what Rockstars do best: Enjoy. Share. Repeat.

Happy Tuesday All!


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