Run For Your Life

The other day, I was driving back from an appointment and enjoying the beautiful scenery until…I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed a cop behind me. All of a sudden as if on cue, my heart started racing, I scanned to try and find the closest speed limit sign (I was on a country road) and I began conversing with myself as to whether I was doing something wrong.

Please don’t stop me. Please don’t turn your siren on. Please stop following me. And repeat.

Yes folks, somehow, driving in front of a cop car makes me panic. Why? Because I immediately wonder if I’m doing something wrong and praying to God that I am not. The funny thing is, I know cops and they are awesome people. They are caring and compassionate, brave and courageous, and kind souls. Yet somehow I never think of these sentiments when I’m driving near a cop.

How often in our lives does our perception deceive us?

How often do we let our perception scare the living bajeebers out of us and bring out unnecessary feelings/bodily responses?

Truth be told, I was doing nothing wrong.

And if I were, I should have been scared.

Driving whether on the road or in life is about being responsible and accountable.

You only have to fear if you’ve done something wrong.

Otherwise, keep driving and doing your thing because before you know it, the cop (and/or fear) will turn the corner

…atleast that’s what happened in my case.


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