Be Reckless.

Without your sight, would you still have vision?

Sight & Vision

With sight, I see the world according to Twitter and Facebook.

With vision, I see a world longing for connection and meaning.

With sight, I see big box stores opening up everywhere.

With vision, I see people longing for purpose.

With sight, I see people “tuning”out into their own little worlds.

With vision, I see people “tuning” in to places where they feel they matter.

With sight, I see new stories of anger, hurt, and violence.

With vision, I see a generation longing to change the way we do/create/live…to make it better each day.

Ladies and gents, though our sight is important, without vision our sight can lead us astray.

May we use our words to speak love, ears to listen with compassion and understanding, sight to see with vision and kindness, and strength to build people up vs. tear them down…you and I are that Powerful.

Be Reckless…Reck LESS.


My friend and talented musician John Tayles along with Nate Gerber wrote a powerful song called “We Are Ready” with the official video being released around the world last week. Check it out. What are YOU ready to see?

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