Are You For Real?

The other day, I was in the parking lot of Costco and as I was approaching the entrance, I observed a lady pushing her cart back. What was interesting in this case, was that instead of returning her cart to the area where all the available carts were located, she conveniently pushed it against a wall a mere foot away! It puzzled me as it wasn’t as though she didn’t see the mass amounts of shopping carts and it wasn’t as though it would have taken a whole lot of effort to put it with the others.

The reality is, though it wouldn’t have taken a whole lot of effort, it would take effort and this is what distinguishes ordinary people from Exceptional Rockstars.

Ordinary people do what is convenient. Exceptional Rockstars do what is right.

Ordinary people make excuses. Exceptional Rockstars go above and beyond.

Ordinary people compare themselves to others. Exceptional Rockstars compare themselves to who they used to be.

Ladies and Gents, your life is taking place right now and you alone get to choose how you will live it.

Ordinary folks live ordinary lives.

Exceptional Rockstars live lives that ordinary people only dream of.

What type of person will you choose to be? What type of life will you choose to live?

The choice is yours. It has and always will be.

Power words


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