I believe that God has a sense of humour. Check this out.

Growing up, my last name was three letters: L-I-M

Now most of you are probably thinking, “yeah, so what. What’s the big deal?”

The fact that my last name was three letters long was awesome-it made filling out forms a lot easier (sorry to all you have 16 letter last names..and possibly first names too!). However as time went on, and I moved further along this journey of faith and trust, I realized that I was given this name not out of chance but out of choice. It was an intentional choice.

See folks, LIM is significant because it represents a choice…a significant choice.

I can be the LIM in LIMitation or the LIM in LIMitless.

I can be the LIM in LIMpact and be the LIM that goes beyond the LIMits.

It’s a simple reminder of the extraordinary power that you and I have to make each day one for the books. We can live same old, same old on repeat or see each day as the beautiful blank canvas it is, waiting for us to create, design and experience a day like no other.

Generation Amazing

Today may be Tuesday in the calendar, but it is HONOUR day in my world. Honouring God, honouring each other (including myself), and honouring dreams.

I invite you to CHOOSE2MATTER because Rockstar, YOU MATTER. It’s not a question; it’s a Rockstar statement.


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