Shower of Peace.

There’s a famous saying that, “When it rains, it pours.” This certainly proved true this past Saturday at the #LoleWhite Yoga ( event in Toronto.

This event brought together over 1800 attendees to participate in a yoga practice for peace led by the beautiful @GraceDubery ( As if on queue, the rain began trickling down as we took our first collective breath together and came down progressively harder throughout the practice.

The rain was a blessing.

It was God’s way of asking those in attendance, “Are you serious that you want to come together for peace?”

See friends, the minute we declare something, God/universe checks in to see if we are serious. In this case, we declared that we were there to partake in a yoga session for peace and as such we were tested.

Peace and feeling peaceful is easy when the circumstances are “perfect” (everything is going your way, the sun is out, the weather is not to hot nor too cold, etc.). Peace becomes more challenging when we are faced with “imperfect” circumstances (nothing is going your way, someone cut you off on your way to work, your alarm didn’t go off and thus you are late, you can’t find your keys, etc.)

Ladies and gents, the truth is, peace has nothing to do with our external circumstances and everything to do with our internal environment.

Peace is…Love from the inside out.

And it begins with a choice-a choice to not let the external circumstances affect your internal atmosphere but instead to radiate your highest self from the inside out. Peace begins within. It’s y(our) choice. You and I are that powerful.

A special thank you to the amazing team at Lole in partnership with Chatelaine, Sporting Life, Kashi, and Zico for organizing an amazing event and your commitment and dedication to bringing peace to communities.

Peace is...

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