Inside-Out Living.

Mosquitoes and I do not get along. We seem to have a love-hate relationship.

They love me and I hate them. (My mum told me hate is a strong word and one that I shouldn’t use but in the context of mosquitoes, I feel like it’s appropriate)

It is rather annoying because I can’t seem to end this relationship for good…they just seem to find me.

Let me give you some history into my strong dislike of mosquitoes:

-I’ve been bitten not once but several times on my ankle and as a result could not stand on it for days. It resulted in an ankle that looks like I busted it. The only benefit this ever served me was as a conversation starter that ended up in a couple of dates with a really handsome gentlemen (this was pre-Drew days). The bites went away and so did that relationship.

-I once went camping and got bitten so many times that I ended up having a fairly severe reaction and had to take my pea-size horse tranquillizers (works similarly to Benadryl, which I am allergic to fyi) to help me breathe. This ended my relationship with camping.

-I sat outside my in-loves (aka in-laws) the other evening and in a span of less than 10 minutes, I was bitten a dozen times, all of which resulted in welts and discomfort.

What purpose do these little buggers serve? (For anyone interested, click here to see what Google has to say about the purpose of mosquitoes.)

What purpose do irritations, annoyances, and pests play in our lives?

Challenge & Change

The reality is that life would be much simpler, more comfortable, and less annoying with out mosquitoes (or other irritations/pests) in our lives, but it is these very creatures/things that help bring perspective. We cherish the moments when we are at peace and undisturbed, we learn to value the things/people that help us get through the annoyances, and we are challenged to be patient…with the process.

See friends, life is a process. It is not always easy, convenient or comfortable. As I sit here typing in discomfort, I have the opportunity to focus on all that weighs me down (what I don’t have, what is not going “right,” what I can’t do, etc) or zone in on the grace of the moment.

I still don’t like mosquitoes and probably never will. And that’s ok. Discomfort is temporary.

The gift of having dislikes is they can serve to fuel appreciation and gratitude…if we let it.

The power of perspective lies in our hands. You and I, are that powerful.


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