the Everyday New Project

I am a dreamer but more importantly, I am a Dream Maker.

While I love envisioning great things, I love when they move from vision to reality.

Along the way, I can sometimes fall prey to distractions or discouragement when things don’t necessarily pan out the way I think they should or when they should. Does this sound familiar?

How do we stay motivated, focused, and inspired when our dreams or the next milestone seem a long way away or nearly impossible?

We give ourself the opportunity to capture the moments along the way. For it is these very moments that form the path and stepping stones to living life beyond our wildest dreams.  It is these very moments that allow us to connect the dots.

So friends, this is what I’m proposing. For the next 365 days, I am embarking on a journey entitled “Everyday New.” Each day, I commit to capturing atleast one photo of something that inspires me and sharing it with the world. With my trusty iPhone in hand and a firm belief that beauty is everywhere, the possibilities of this life adventure is endless. What will I see? What will I experience? What will I capture?  You can follow this Connoisseur of Life’s adventure  here  and/or perhaps embark on your own (and if you do, send me your link!)

It’s time or as one of my mentors John Gray  said last evening, “It’s GO time!”


Everyday New

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