Fear Undermines. Courage Unleashes.

Living a fulfilled life is not easy, but it is rewarding. Along the way, we (you and definitely I) often encounter moments of confusion, uncertainty, frustration, and that powerful four-letter word: FEAR. In its fullest form, fear has the power to distract us as well as destroy us. The good news is, when we become aware of when fear presents itself, we are given the opportunity to partner up with an immense power we each have within called COURAGE.

I often share that fear visits me very regularly, knocking on my door to ask if I want to play. Like a bad friend, though I often say, “No,” I can and do unfortunately say, “Yes” sometimes. Without fail, I regret it every single time. So when fear comes knocking on your door and invites you to come play a game of “all the reasons why you are not good enough/won’t succeed/are not valuable, etc.,” I hope you will remember this: You are enough. You are worth it. Our world needs y(our) best. It’s not question; It’s a Rockstar statement.

After my most recent visit from fear and refusing to play with him, I sat down and had a heart-to-heart with courage. This is what came from that conversation…

Fear is easy to listen to.

Courage takes effort because it requires us to turn down the volume of the world around us and tune into the quiet voice within.

Fear wants to turn your attention to all that you don’t have or can’t do.

Courage says to focus on what you can do and do it to the BEST of your ability.

Fear says you are not enough.

Courage says you are enough.

Fear says life is as good as it’s ever going to get.

Courage says your BEST days are ahead.

Fear says, “if ‘x’ happens….”

Courage says, “when ‘x’ happens…”.

Fear likes comfort.

Courage embraces discomfort.

Fear is small but roars loudly.

Courage is Big but whispers quietly.

Fear blames others.

Courage accepts responsibility.

Fear says, “someday, one day…”

Courage says, “Now is it.”

Fear hangs out in the stands and heckles.

Courage gets in the game and on the court/field.

Fear holds us back.

Courage propels us forward.

Fear gives 1/2 ass yeses.

Courage gives Respectful Nos.

Fear sees obstacles.

Courage sees opportunities.

Fear closes doors (for self and others).

Courage opens doors (for self and others).

Fear makes excuses.

Courage creates excellence.

Fear likes company.

Courage is bold enough to stand alone.

Fear says, “I’m busy.”

Courage asks, “Y U B. S.?”

Fear uses (past) knowledge.

Courage is wisdom.

Fear listens to others.

Courage is the voice from within.

Fear knows who you used to be.

Courage knows all that you can be.

Fear makes us bitter.

Courage makes us better.

Fear says hide.

Courage says seek.

Fear Undermines.

Courage Unleashes.


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