It’s Tuesday August 13th, 2013 and it’s a pretty spectacular day I might add.

1. Today, my nephew Jackson turns 1. One year ago, he joined the world 5 weeks earlier than expected and one year later, he is flourishing and growing in leaps and bounds. He has brought such joy to our lives and is a constant reminder of the power that you and I have to make a difference. Jackson has yet to say his first word (beyond dada) but he’s already changed and influenced the way others behave and speak around him. His laugh makes us laugh and his smile makes us smile. We celebrate each of his milestones and are immensely grateful for this special little boy who undoubtedly will go on to do amazing things.

2. Today’s post is #200, which looking back, I didn’t even realize I had in me. During this time, I leaped out on my own, I got married, have welcomed seven nieces and nephews, partnered up with incredible organizations, witnessed ‘ordinary’ people unleash their extraordinary selves, and the list can go on. Today, I not only celebrate post #200 but every one leading up to it and every one to come. May it always be a reminder that every journey begins with one step and our “milestones” are steps away.

This post is dedicated to all you Dreammakers out there who are putting courage before fear and leaving people and this earth of ours, better than you found it. I am inspired and grateful for your awesomeness.

It can cure sickness.

It can restore health.

It can design top of the line, world class, absolutely incredible products, processes, works of art.

It can transform mundane to monumental

It can transform ordinary to extraordinary.

It can banish bullying.

It can create peace.

It can leverage strengths.

It can revolutionize the way we live.

It can alleviate poverty.

Making It* Happen…


Dreammakers=You and I

You and I=Matter


“What I thought was a limitation has become an asset.”

Dana King

Generation Amazing


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