I Spy…

I see your beauty even when you feel ugly.

I see your potential even when you feel despair.

I see your power even when you feel powerless.

I see love within you even though you feel broken and hurt.

I see a world of hope, inspiration, and humanity even when we experience moments of injustice, hatred, and unkindness.

I see a generation of transformers, change-makers, risk-takers and dreammakers even when reports favour calling you spoiled, lazy, and self-serving.

I see you…and all that you can be.

I see our world…and all that we can be.

I see a generation…and all that it can be.

No report will change my mind. No news channel will sway my thoughts.

My mind has been made up.

You are Incredible. Our world and life are a Playground of Potential. And this Generation…is Amazing.

See friends…


Does your vision determine your sight or does your sight determine your vision?

You are cordially invited to play your own version of “I Spy…”

Everyday New

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