Share & Tell: The Goody Bag

Hello Beautiful People,

Happy New Week:). It’s that time again for Share & Tell. This month features a month full of FREE Meet-Ups (including Yoga, Strength & Conditioning and more), an upcoming intimate and interactive all about Love, and some lovely new companies to check out. Inspiration is everywhere. It’s just a matter of if you let yourself see it! Wishing you and your the most amazing week ahead…beginning today!


1. LOLE LOVE! As most of you know, I absolutely love the folks at LOLE (, which is an organization inspired by and all about well-being. Lole=Live Out Lout Everyday.  Check out their upcoming FREE meet-ups as well as this very cool video showing their recent White Yoga event in Paris! Prepared to be inspired:)



A Love Affair

3. I love stumbling upon and coming across nifty finds. Here are two of my recent loves…(click on the image to be taken to their website)

conscious box

…and remember ladies and gents, the best thing about Share & Tells is doing just that..share and telling!

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