The #1 Key to Victory

My husband Drew was born in Texas and thus that makes me a Texan by marriage.

Yesterday, our beloved Houston Texans played the Tennessee Titans.

So what?

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Yes, that is precisely what most non-football fans would say…until you start seeing football not just as a sport but as a story.

In this particular story, the Texans were down 24-16 with just under three minutes left.

It looked like the game was going to be over…but it wasn’t.

The Texans came back to tie the game and with seconds left in regulation time, their punter had a chance to win the game…but he didn’t. He missed.

1. How many times in our lives do we think the game is over before it is actually over? How many times have you given up because what you see with your eyes lead you to believe that it’s over, it’s not going to happen, you’ve lost? How many times have you let a bad moment become a bad day? How many times have you given up on having an amazing day because you got stuck in traffic, received an unpleasant email, spilled your coffee, forgot your lunch, or were late?

2. On the flip side, how often do we give life everything we’ve got right till the end? How often do you give each day everything you’ve got until your head hits the pillow at night? How often do you resolve to pursue your dreams even when they look like they may not come to fruition?

The Texans/Titans game went into overtime and the Texans went on to score a touchdown and win the game. Yes folks, the team that was LOSING with under three minutes to go and missed their chance to win the game in regulation time, went on to WIN the game.


Ladies & Gents, the life you desire is possible. Your dream of getting a new job you love, falling in love with an amazing partner, being in the best health of your life, writing a book, getting out of debt etc. is possible. The challenge is to maintain the discipline and focus when it is not easy or when things are not going your way. The Texans could have easily given up and said, “well we’re losing, there’s less than three minutes left, we should just claim defeat now.” Instead, they saw those last couple of minutes as the golden opportunity to win the game. They didn’t sit back on their heels to claim defeat. They got on their feet and gave it everything they had to claim the win. There’s something sweet and satisfying about seeing the underdog win. It never gets old.

Today is your day. Today is my day. Today is the day to give life everything we’ve got.

Being a Dreammaker, living a fulfilled life, and being excellence in action, is not easy. IT. IS. REWARDING.


p.s. I just saw a photo that said, “Don’t Mess With Texans!”

The Connoisseur of Life version? “Don’t Mess With Dreammakers!”

don't mess with dreammakers

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