Dream Job? This is how…

Hello Amazing Rockstars!

Happy Tuesday and belated Thanksgiving to all you Canadians:)
Dream Job? Meaningful Connections? Lucky In Love? This can sometimes seem impossible on many days however, YOU. ARE. IN. LUCK.
I am very privileged to be surrounded by some incredible and extremely passionate people. Below are some of my awesome friends/colleagues who are sharing their expertise in  order to help Unleash your Mega-Greatness!
dream job
My friend and fellow dreammaker Diana Chan (@mymarketability) is out on a mission to help awesome people like you (and/or people you know) land awesome careers. How? By helping you differentiate from the crowd as top talent to get the job you love, earn more money, and accelerate your career. She should know as she was the former recruiter at Google and screened over 10,000 resumes, conducted hundreds of interviews, and has help talent land at big name companies such as Facebook, Google, TELUS, Bell, TD Bank and more. Sound Awesome? On November 2nd-3rd, Diana will be hosting four unique job search workshops tailored to help those in the job market move further, faster.
Her four workshops will be on the following topics:
  •    Discover Your Passion & Calling to Feel Aliveto register for this workshop, click here
  • · Be Impressive in Interviews to Get Hired, to register for this workshop, click here
  •   Optimize Your LinkedIn to Find People & Opportunities Fasterto register for this workshop, click here
  •   Networking to Connect from Awkward to Awesometo register for this workshop, click here

  *****Check this out! If you really want to kick things up a notch and register for all four, you will Save 25%To register and take advantage of this special deal, click here ******

PLUS if you sign up before October 20th, 2013, you can take advantage of the early bird pricing and/or save by bringing a friend!

Spaces are filling up quickly!


Hyatt Regency Hotel. 370 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1J9

*To learn more about Diana, please visit her company Magnify Your Marketability at www.mymarketability.com

meaningful connections

My friend/colleague Bobby Umar (@raehanbobby) is a multi-talented connoisseur of connections. He is a proud father of two, incredible husband, educator, mentor, and TED speaker. He is also the President and Lead Catalyst of Raeallan (www.raeallan.com) which is a transformational training and speaking company. Some of his past and current clients include TD Canada Trust, TELUS, Canadian Tire, Kraft, and several Canadian Universities.

Join him on Tuesday October 22nd (6:30pm-9:30pm) for his workshop Authentic Networking: From IRL to SM to IRL

Location: Celebration House. 2696 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M6M 1M1

How do we Network Authentically in the age of Social Media?

How do engage and manage connections through Social Media (SM) and In Real Life (IRL)?

How do we manage our Personal Brand both through SM and IRL?

How do you Network to build solid business contacts?

Are you making genuine connections in the Digital Age?

Are you truly getting Social Media ROI?

Do you know your Value, Story and Legacy?

In this informative and interactive session, you will learn:

– How to create a positive and effective networking experience for anyone

– Actual networking tactics in addition to strategies

– Authentic networking etiquette (both the do’s and don’ts) for online and IRL

– How to leverage the power of connection

– How personal branding enhances your engagement

– Open Q&A and demonstrations

 To Register for this special event, click here
I love love. It is my goal, my inspiration, my being, my pathway, my relationships, my life.
However, when it came to romantic relationships, I seem to have mastered the art of striking out vs. hitting home runs. And then something changed. Or perhaps someone.  Join me for an intimate and interactive workshop entitled A LOVE AFFAIR on Saturday October 26th, 2013
Location: Evolve Studio. 2354 Lakeshore Road West, Unit 11, Oakville, Ontario, L6L 1H5
Cost: $25 + HST with 10% of proceeds going to Make-A-Wish Foundation
To register, email info@evolvestudio.ca

Love can be simple yet complicated. We don’t know what we want but
we know what we don’t want. We wish that the man of our dreams
would just show up when we want but somehow timing seems to be off
or Mr. not-right is the only one who keeps showing up. Or perhaps you are in a relationship and sometimes…wonder why.

Joann was single, dating mr. wrong after mr. wrong, and feeling dejected, rejected, and worthless until she
discovered THREE keys which lead to attracting and falling in love with the man of her dreams…literally.

* Uncover the #1 secret to increasing your patience
* Gain a deeper understanding of your partner.
* Learn THREE keys to communication
Plus …walk away with the ABC’s of game-changing
perspectives that will transform your life and your relationships.

We recently celebrated thanksgiving here in Canada however my incredibly wonderful husband Drew (@lessuhchuck), www.lessuhchuck.com  said it best, “In our life, everyday is thanksgiving.”

So grateful for each of you.




3 thoughts on “Dream Job? This is how…

  1. LOVE your stuff Joann. Will reach out in next few days to set up an in person date:)) see you soon!


    ps University Health Network is doing a pilot with my idea using their brand line of ‘ courage lives here’…… Beautiful!

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